TV and Radio News Bulletin

Monitoring TV and Radio Networks and Providing Audiovisual and Written Bulletins

We, in “PAYESHGARI”, monitor TV and Radio network channels meticulously and incessantly. Moreover, we extract myriads of news item published in TV and Radio channels pertinent to your field of activity, so that audiovisual files and their written bulletin will be provided to you in the shortest time possible. For easy and fast accessibility to these news, we put them in an online TV network channel in APARAT site in a short period after the related news is published in IRIB channel network, so that you can get easy access to the related news item wherever you are at any time using internet system of your mobile phone, tablet or computer device, etc. Of the other salient advantage of “PAYESHGARI”, you do not need more time to wait for watching news item related to your field of activity to be broadcast on TV set, rather, you can get easy and fast access to your desired news in the shortest time possible without spending more time.