Online Bulletin-Making System

Exclusive and private account for easy ONLINE accessing to the text of more than 26,000 news item published on internet sites and dailies

With producing exclusive and private software package, we have provided you with many facilities for producing “online” news bulletins. Wherever you are, dear customers can get easy access to the news services in “online” basis. Given the above issue, you can observe and view news item pertinent to your field of activity through equipped online services, so that you can produce your electronic news bulletin rapidly and accurately.
It should be noted that “PAYESHGARI” is a comprehensive and advanced online system tasked with tracing, monitoring, supervising and tracking news bulletins instantly and immediately and can provide you with numerous related online facilities.
Hereunder are salient facilities and advantages offered by “PAYESHGARI”:
Displaying and showcasing news frontlines of websites, dailies, and repeated news resources, following up republication of news in other news outlets,
Possibility of observing all news published in hundreds of news sources, websites, news agencies and widely circulated papers which are published across the country,
Selecting the required news item automatically using the desired keywords,
Page-setting and layout designing and making news bulletin “online” for the news confirmed,
Prioritizing the most important and unimportant news with vast rating,
Segmenting and dividing news in required categories,
Sharing news in social networks,
Approving, confirming or removing news, etc.